How We Help

Most of us are attached to our pets because of the satisfaction we get out of being with them and caring for them. They are members of our families, however, some of these animals are not so lucky to have caring friends and families. They are left to the mercy of the hard streets in cities around the country. A recent report shows that about four million adoptable dogs are killed each year due to overpopulation. Westchester Animal Rescue is indeed to the rescue. They provide the platform for people to volunteer their time and energy for rescuing dogs. They then take the animals through rehabilitation to give them the chance for a happy life. Westchester animal rescue is a dedicated organization in the business of helping the unwanted animals in New York to get fighting chance at living happy lives. They do this by helping volunteers through how to care for animals. They provide resources and training on how to care for animals in activities like playing, bathing, handling, medicine issuing and dealing with behavior problems.

Because most of the animals they work with have been someone’s pets, and for a myriad of reasons have been abandoned, abused, unwanted or strayed. After all these terrible experiences they can begin to develop psychological issues, and therefore must be nursed back to recovery, and begin to take on their former calmness. Though Westchester Animal Care works with many animals, most of their work involves working with dogs and cats. The volunteers they work with are well trained by organizations like Westchester Animal Rescue and are trained to help animals to get rid of their hostile and timid behavior so they can get along with other people. In New York, they are helping many dogs, cats, and other abandoned animals find a new life by getting them families ready to adopt them and give them a wonderful life that they deserve again.

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